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The Beetles: a deep red that is the same color as a favorite food of the late John Lennon

Jerry Twine-feld: a nice sandy color similar to that of the comedian’s complexion as well as a spool of sturdy string

Taming of the Prune: a deep purple hue that is proven to help aid digestion if this nail polish is ingested

A Lime a Dozen: the color of a peeping lime that often comes with a carton of eggs

New York Yank-quiche: the color of an eggy dish as well as the dirt seen on a baseball field

Twilight: Breaking Prawns: the fleshy pink associated with cocktail shrimp as well as the color of Edward Cullen’s favorite shade of blush to help bring life back into his complexion

Henry the Baked: The color of the VIII’s eyes whenever he toked it too hard after a meeting with his council

Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo Knife: The metallic sheen of a kitchen utensil that is often in high demand from burglars, causing homeowners everywhere to have to hide them during a code red

Justin Beaver: The color of a cute woodland creature crossed with the luscious locks of a Canadian pop star

Teddy Roses-belt: “Speak softly and wear a garland of roses around your waist” is a quote commonly attributed to this president